Tactical & Combat Vehicle operators need this solution

No longer will background terrain obstacles and pitfalls blend together, thus becoming indiscernible due to limitations inherent in current 2D DVE displays.

TacNST has met this compelling need in the development and incorporation of the technology necessary to display depth perception in US combat and tactical vehicles. Such technology should be applied as an (Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) for legacy DVE systems and integrated into the design of the next generation of DVE systems. Adoption of DVE depth perception technology for use in visually degraded environments will allow combat and tactical vehicles:

  • Greater tactical agility and operating speed
  • Reduced risk of vehicle mishap
  • Better operator situational awareness
  • Reduced physiologic burden on operators

Following a small amount of training in the use of the prototype TacNST solution, the operator achieves significantly improved night driving terrain awareness quite simply because of the new found ability to perceive depth. Using the TacNST DVE, the driver of an armored vehicle can effectively maneuver cross-country at night, confident in his or her ability to recognize quickly terrain anomalies, obstacles, and pitfalls.

Consequently, a significant portion of the sacrifice in night maneuvering speed and agility inherent to the use of 2D DVE systems can be recaptured.