Invest in us,

We are looking for anyone interested in joining the fight against preventable casualties in military training. The military calls these tragedies “mishaps” largely understating the severity of the situation. These men and women are putting their lives on the line for our country and they are dying in training. With your help, we can raise enough awareness to implement our products and software into these vehicles and stop the devastation these “mishaps” bring to the lives of military personnel and their friends/families. 

TacNST is a small team led by veterans who possess the first-hand experience of sacrifice that goes into serving our country. They hold the utmost respect for the active men and women fighting for our country and value the lives of every fallen soldier. Our main objective at TacNST is to minimize military casualties in training as quickly and effectively as possible. We are seeking investments to improve our software to fit the ever-evolving technology market. We are willing to form partnerships with individuals or organizations that we feel would help us to accomplish our dream of military safety. If interested in joining the fight please fill out the contact form below.